01-31 maggio 2018

Ehglish Language Cinema – May 2018

Generally in Italy non-Italian films are dubbed into Italian rather than shown with subtitles. However, the most part of our movies are screening in original version with italian subtitles.
Here, you can find all the screenings of the month in Original English Language or with English Subtitles at La Compagnia.


untill MAY 28

Ex Libris: New York Public Library by Frederick Wiseman, USA 2018, 207’ | english with italian subtitles.
A treasured US institution opens itself to the painstaking view of fly-on-the-wall master Frederick Wiseman, who finds enlightenment, humour, compassion and soul within its walls.
Tickets: 8€ regular / 6€ reduced

TUESDAY 1, 4 pm / 8 pm
WEDNESDAY 2 , 4 pm
MONDAY 7, 3 pm
TUESDAY 8, 3 pm
TUESDAY 15, 4 pm / 8 pm
THURDAY 17, 8 pm
SATURDAY 19, 8 pm
WEDNESDAY 23 , 8 pm
THURDAY 24, 4 pm
SATURDAY 26, 8 pm
MONDAY 28, 8 pm


Dragon Film Festival 2018
Film festival dedicated to showcasing the best cinema out of continental China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Four days of screenings always with english subtitles.
Program, tickets and more info on www.dragonfilmfestival.com

MONDAY 7, 8.30 pm

The shining by Stanley Kubrick, UK/USA, 1980, 119’ | english with italian subs
A family heads to an isolated hotel for the winter where an evil spiritual presence influences the father into violence, while his psychic son sees horrific forebodings from the past and of the future.
Tickets: 6€ regular / 5€ reduced

wednesday 9, 9 pm

The Last Prosecco (Finchè c‘è Prosecco c’è speranza) by Antonio Padovan, Italia, 2017, 101’ | italian with english subtitles
The film follows Inspector Stucky investigating a series of murders and the theatrical suicide of Desiderio Ancillotto, a count who lives in the hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, in a story that recounts the conflict between greed and respect for the land.
Tickets: 6€ regular / 5€ reduced

MONDAY 21, 8.30 pm

Lolita by Stanley Kubrick, UK / USA, 1962, 152’  |  english with italian subs
A middle-aged college professor becomes infatuated with a fourteen-year-old nymphet.
Tickets: 6€ regular / 5€ reduced